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Starting a FabLab Reference List

I’ve been working with Fablabs for a couple of years now … getting to know the concept itself, then getting to like it, even love it … same with the people involved in Fablabs.

The one thing that puzzles outsiders most about Fablabs is that there seems to be no one single reference, no ultimate authoritative website, nowhere one could go and get it all.

Sure there is FAB by Neil Gershenfeld (at and Google books), his famous TED talk. Sure there is the Fablab Boot Camp twice a year at Fablab Lyngen, there is the Dutch Fablab virus at

Yet “go and look for yourself” is not for everybody — and some gems you might miss when just using a WFSE (world-famous search engine). So I decided to collect a FabLab Reference List … primarily for myself — but hey: everybody is welcome to use it and add to it (wiki-like functionality to be added in due course).

So let’s start with an unordered list
Google Map
Ton Zylstra’s MindWorldMap
and the official list of labs, maintained by MIT … just in case people complain again they were not able to find it, this is the URL:
FT on Fablab Manchester
Fablabs: Networks, nodes, visibility; Community, rhythm, predictability
A German writeup on Fablabs and dev countries
Here:,23832.msg539627.html#msg539627 is a description of what a Fab Lab can and can’t do, compared to the TechShop concept


Peter Troxler • January 8, 2010

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  1. Guy September 27, 2012 - 2:57 am

    Hey, thanks for the post. I’m in the process of starting a research project into portable fab labs as community outreach and educational tools. Any chance you could point me in the direction of more useful resources or people you would recommend contacting?

  2. Peter Troxler November 9, 2012 - 2:54 pm

    Hey Guy
    check out e.g. Emmanuel Gilloz – FoldRap ( and the stuff Jeff Ginger and colleagues are doing with Mini Labs (

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