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Open Source Design: Disruption, Desire, Destiny?

At the Swiss Design Network Conference in Lugano, I gave this keynote on the impact of the 3rd industrial revolution on design. In this keynote I try two things: to relate open design to the wider context of these similar developments which in the view of Jeremy Rifkin constitute the ingredients for a new industrial revolution, and to reflect upon the consequences of open source design for the design professions: Will open design disrupt current design practice and destroy design business? Or to the contrary—should designers desire to turn to open source a.s.a.p.? Or is open design just unavoidable, part and parcel of any designer’s destiny?

Find the paper attached Troxler, Peter (2012). Open Source Design: Disruption, Desire, Destiny? On the Impact of the 3rd Industrial Revolution on Design. Keynote at the 8th Swiss Design Network Conference, Lugano, 9 November 2012.

Peter Troxler • November 9, 2012

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