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No More Muddling Trough

1402050178As of today, my latest book No More Muddling Trough is available.

The blurb reads:

Sustainable solutions require the integration of social and ecological aspects in every planning and decision-making process. This means:analyse the real world and model the problem-situation as a system understand the needs and objectives of the customers and clients carefully develop alternative ideas and solutions, as well as evaluate concepts under multidimensional aspects/criteria In this area Systems Engineering could offer a fruitful approach. Systems Engineering (SE) is a systematic way of thinking and a methodology to guide demanding problem-solving processes in the fields of management and engineering. This book explains the most important principles and elements of Systems Engineering and three planning cases demonstrate the practical application.Product and project managers, who want to apply the Systems Engineering methodology to their projects, will find an easily understandable guide in this book.

More details
No More Muddling Through: Mastering Complex Projects in Engineering and Management
By Rainer Züst, Peter Troxler
Edition: illustrated
Published by Springer, 2006
ISBN 1402050178, 9781402050176
185 pages

Peter Troxler • August 29, 2006

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