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Best Goats on the Internet

My goats from Lanzarote have been labelled “the best recording of driving goats anywhere on the internet”.

Judge for yourself…


Open Content in the Creative Industries: A Source for Service Innovation?

Traditional business models of the creative industries are built on the protection of content. With the advent of an Internet culture where content is ‘sold’ at a price of zero and sharing is a key paradigm, that model seems not to be fully adequate any longer, even more, there might be a time when content…

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Zurich: Creative Commons Showcase

Tonight (20:30), I am presenting the Creative Commons Showcase at Gallery Walcheturm in Zurich Here is the programme with some links: Paul Gerhardt, ex Creative Archive (BBC) presentation (almost the one he’s going to give): dyslexia movie: Markus Beckedahl, CC-DE: NDR (public broadcaster) uses CC licenses Paul Keller on the CC-NL pilot…

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Learn, Exchange, Develop …

Communities of Practice have become almost a standard answer to the quest of organisations to foster learning, sharing and development of knowledge. However, they still pose the classic challenges of Knowledge Management of finding the middle ground between technology-driven and people-driven approaches, between systematic solutions and mere fads, and between forced and self-directed participation. This…

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No More Muddling Trough

As of today, my latest book No More Muddling Trough is available. The blurb reads: Sustainable solutions require the integration of social and ecological aspects in every planning and decision-making process. This means:analyse the real world and model the problem-situation as a system understand the needs and objectives of the customers and clients carefully develop…

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Christmas present to self

Christmas present to self: I’ve finished the last round of editing of the English translation of Einstieg ins Systems Engineering. The book is due to come out in spring next year … and it will be called ‘No More Muddling Through‘.

Knowledge Management – an Introduction

Tonight I held the last session of my Knowledge Management Introduction Course which started in October 2003. 26 participants from business and public administration followed the course in two groups, and we covered a hell of a lot of topics. Each evening started with an introduction — the corresponding handouts are here below — but…

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Today the Roaring Nelkies released their first CD “MTO” to honour the 25th anniversary of the Institute of Work Psychology at ETH Zurich. MTO is short for ‘Man-Technology-Organisation’, the concept of organisation analysis and design developed at said institute. Some of the songs on the CD deal with work psychology, others with life in academia…

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