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6th annual international FabLab workshop and conference in the Netherlands:


Starting a FabLab Reference List

I’ve been working with Fablabs for a couple of years now … getting to know the concept itself, then getting to like it, even love it … same with the people involved in Fablabs. The one thing that puzzles outsiders most about Fablabs is that there seems to be no one single reference, no ultimate…

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Creative Commons Party, Torino

Communia Workshop and CC-Europe meeting

I’m attending the Communia Workshop in Barcelona.

Spin and the Beauty of Web 2.0

Spin is a term in physics and in journalism. I’m having an issue about the second meaning — in connection to an institution that mainly deals with the first. But let me start at the start. I’m a regular reader of the news publications of some of the worlds most renown academic institutions. They are…

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Available Online Means Many Things …

Available online means many things, and often less than you would think. ETH Zurich bragged about their library about Swiss writer Max Frisch and how they would make all 1810 volumes “online available” Im Netz nach Max Frischs Perlen tauchen Das Max Frisch-Archiv macht sämtliche 1‘810 Bücher der Präsenzbibliothek online zugänglich What sounds too good…

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Origo: Innovations Conference

Details here: — we are going to explore the power of quantiative data analysis for market analysis.


Going East

After my goats from Lanzarote have been labeled “the best recording of driving goats anywhere on the internet” I decided to pick up field recording again. I’m taking my gear to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan … a selection of field recordings and found sound compositions is over at one of my other sites:

Why This ?

I found it more and more confusing to deal with my various Internet identities … so I decided to publish the unabridged, authoritative personal online presence. As time passes, I’ll add more stuff from my past to the page while updating it occasionally on current activities, plans and ideas.

unbla @ Lucerne University of Applied Science, Business School

I’m going to facilitate their away-day focusing on quality improvement in teaching, research and training at Sursee. Once again I’ll be applying the unbla methods to a large group of about 150 university teachers and researchers.

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