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Knowledge Management – an Introduction

Tonight I held the last session of my Knowledge Management Introduction Course which started in October 2003. 26 participants from business and public administration followed the course in two groups, and we covered a hell of a lot of topics. Each evening started with an introduction — the corresponding handouts are here below — but the major part of the course was dedicated to discussion of real-world issues, practical questions etc.

Feel free to download and reuse the material, it is provided “as is” under a Creative Commons license which allows you to redistribute it unaltered and for non-commercial purposes. If you’d want to use it commercially or transform it in any way, please drop me a line to reach an agreement.

  1. Roots and Routes of Knowledge Management
  2. Informal Knowledge Sharing
  3. Business Processes & KM
  4. Knowledge Culture
  5. Learning
  6. Motivation for KM
  7. Not Invented Here
  8. My New Team
  9. Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Communities of Practice
  10. Intellectual Capital
  11. KM Definitions
  12. Chaordic
  13. The Big Picture

Peter Troxler • February 25, 2004

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