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Dannie Jost, Peter Troxler, jose Serrano

Open Knowledge Conference – Open Hardware

Frictions. Collaborative creation of knowledge vs. practices in trade and commerce. The example of Open Hardware Coordinators: Peter Troxler (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences), Javier Serrano (CERN), Dannie Jost (World Trade Institute) Knowledge creation is today, in the twenty-first century, a collaborative and ubiquitous enterprise. Today’s technologies are complex and require the collaboration of many…

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As A Service

X as a service (XaaS) has been booming in software—but not only. Rolls Royce aircraft engines are available as a service since 1989 (; car leasing (and in fact leasing of industrial equipment) is a normality. But imagine for a second every thing would be turned into a service … what would happen? I think:…

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Lecture @ Digital Sustainability in the Knowledge Society

Today I gave a short lecture in Marcus M. Dapp’s course “Digital Sustainability in the Knowledge Society” at ETH, Zurich. Essentially I was trying to convey the basic ideas of open source hardware and how this development is tied to the notion of the Third Industrial Revolution (according to Jeremy Rifkin). As it happens, time…

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Open Knowledge Festival – Helsinki, 18-22 September 2012

There is another Open Knowledge event coming up — 18-22 September 2012 in Helsinki — and I’m a proud member of the advisory board and guest programme planner for a stream on Open Design / Hardware / Manufacturing & Making. This stream covers Open Design in all its various facets (from design as a blueprint…

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Open Data Special @ PICNIC ’10

Open Data Special @ PICNIC’10 Frank Kresin, Karen van der Molen and Tom Demeyer, all Waag Society, Amsterdam, served a whole day of discussion on Open Data at the 5th Picnic media festival last Friday, 24th September. The day consisted of presentations from a panel of five experts in the morning and an—extremely well-attended—bar-camp like…

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FAB6 Programme Is Shaping Up

FAB6 is the 6th International Fab Lab Forum and Symposium on Digital Fabrication — I’m proud to be helping the organizers to put together the programme (for details check here: This will be an exciting week!

OHANDA: an open hardware “trademark”?

OHANDA ( — short for Open Hardware and Design Alliance — has proposed a system to “open source” hardware by taking the four freedoms from the software world and transferring them to the hardware world. On a superficial level this is done by simply replacing the word “program” with the term(s) “device /& design” in…

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Creative Commons Patent Licences Anytime Soon?

Creative Commons’ Thinh Nguyen invites us to comment on their new patent tools, the Research Non-Assertion Pledge and the Public Patent License. The address to discuss is the public Creative Commons wiki. These two tools are pieces of the underlying infrastructure for how to share and transform publicly available unpatented know-how and patented inventions. Eventually they…

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Spin and the Beauty of Web 2.0

Spin is a term in physics and in journalism. I’m having an issue about the second meaning — in connection to an institution that mainly deals with the first. But let me start at the start. I’m a regular reader of the news publications of some of the worlds most renown academic institutions. They are…

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